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Make a ceramic mirror for your wall, on the bookshelf or make-up table!



During this workshop you will learn in two sessions to make your own ceramic mirror frame.

During the first session you will learn the basic techniques to assemble your own creation with clay and make it fit for the mirror. After this session, the mirror frames must dry and go into the kiln.

During the second session you come and paint your baked work with glaze, after which it goes back into the kiln. Once fired, everything comes out of the kiln all colorful and shiny and will be ready to be picked up, or will be send to you.


This workshop includes a small cirlce mirror (diameter 7.5 cm) and installation service on your work. In this workshop you can choose to upgrade to a larger circle mirror (diameter 20 cm) or add extra small mirrors to your design.


Large mirror + €5.50

Extra small mirror + €3 per mirror

These options can be purchaced during the workshop.


sculpting - 9th of june 11:00-13:00

glazing – 23d of june 11:00-12:30


This workshop takes place in Ilse's studio in Zwolle.

If there are multilingual participants, the workshop will be in English, with extra explanations in Dutch if necessary. If there are only Dutch participants, the workshop will be in Dutch.

Two to three weeks after the workshop, you can schedule a pickup appointment at Ilse's studio, or to have your ceramics shipped to you. Shipping costs will apply.



Please read the workshop cancellation policy before booking.


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