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a day at the park - graduation

My graduation project a day at the park is a collection of ceramics and illustrations that together represent one of my favorite places: the park. No park in particular, but what a park means to me. A place filled with green, joy and beauty, a place where you can wander around and take a break from your day.

In a park I feel like I am surrounded by tiny pretty details that are really worth looking at, like a butterfly in the bush, or a flower in the wind, or even the geese flying over, and I think all these details together is what makes a park so wonderful.

In my work I captured these tender moments in objects and illustrations, so you can hold on to them a little longer and take a closer look. Together they form park of their own, in which you can wander and enjoy its beauty. On their own they become objects and illustrations to surround yourself with, to make your day a little brighter.


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